Longaberger Cards

Longaberger 1994 Father's Day Business Card Basket & Protector - Awesome!,Longaberger Card Keeper Basket,LONGABERGER 1985, 7 INCHES ROUND HANGING PLANTER WITH PROTECTOR ,LONGABERGER JW COLLECTION 1993 EDITION ORIGINAL EASTER BASKET LINER ,PRT ,LONGABERGER JW COLLECTION 1992 EDITION CAKE BASKET,LINER, PROTECTOR,,LONGABERGER JW COLLECTION 1994 EDITION UMBRELLA BASKET, PROTEC-CARD-3 SIGNATURES,Longaberger 1995 Traditions Family Basket w/ Protector and Product Card,Longaberger Christmas Card Keeper Basket Classic Stain Holly Lid New Sealed,Longaberger Card File Basket Plastic Protector Set With Dividers New In Box,Longaberger Card Keeper Basket 2001 Plastic Protector Only New Authentic,Longaberger Classic Stain 1993 TEA Basket With Leather Loop Handles Product Card,LONGABERGER HOLLY PIE PLATE, NEW IN BOX, CARDS, RETIRED GEM!,LONGABERGER PINK HOH PIE PLATE, NEW IN BOX, CARDS, RETIRED GEM!,Longaberger 1994 JW Umbrella Basket w Protector And Product Card -NR,LONGABERGER 1989 BASKET WITH 5 CARD SET-L@@@@K, LONGABERGER DECK OF CARDS-RARE-L@@K,Longaberger Christmas 2001 Card Keeper Basket 12195 W/Lid, (2) Liner ,Longaberger 2000 Small Fruit Basket Combo--Wood Lid, Garter, and Product Card,Longaberger Paprika CARD FILE Basket Liner ~ Hard-to-Find Brand New-in-Bag! ~,Longaberger Butternut BUSINESS CARD Basket Liner ~ Very Hard-to-Find New! ~,Longaberger Khaki Check CARD FILE Basket Liner ~ Brand New-in-Bag! ~,Longaberger 1998 Oregano Booking Basket Retired 13145 w/ protector + card,Longaberger WT Plaid BUSINESS CARD Basket Liner ~ Brand New-in-Bag! ~,Longaberger 1995 Loaf Biscuit Basket Combo With Liner basket Brick ,